I Inc and Beyond

Rita Agius - Internship Program Director, College of Business, University of Michigan - Dearborn

December 26, 2020

Most folks never think about doing an internship or that it is only for students. 

Think again!  Internships can actually be interchanged conceptually with the idea of a volunteer opportunity and are both ways to gain critical experience and knowledge of job requirements. 

Listen to Rita Agius talk about the different ways to pursue experiential development opportunities and to both gain job related knowledge and to open doors for career opportunities. 

Rita is currently the Internship Director at the College of Business at the University of Michigan - Dearborn and has also had lots of prior experience helping people launch their careers. 

If you want to connect with Rita, simply find her on LinkedIn and mention that you heard her podcast on this channel. 

Lots of great ways to build your track record and get noticed. 

Good luck. 

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