I Inc and Beyond

Listen to Danielle Dodge, Army Veteran, Mother and Wife talk about her career pursuits

December 12, 2020

Danielle Dodge served 8 years in the Army as a Captain with deployments into war zones before transitioning into a civilian life.  

Listen to her tell her story how her life has unfolded and the decisions she has made with regard to her career pursuits.  

She tells us about a great opportunity with Army Corporate Partners that you might want to check out and also talks about the book The Two Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton. 

Lastly, she talks about her decision to pursue her PMP certification and how valuable that decision has become in her life. 

By the way, we are running a workshop in January, specifically for Veterans and Active Duty Personnel, on Career pursuits within a Project Management context that you may want check out in addition to listening to Danielle's podcast. 


Take care, be safe and good luck. 


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