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Career Planning in Personal Entrepreneurship. Learn about some upcoming workshops to help you develop your Career Plan

March 20, 2021


Please take a minute to listen to this podcast and then give some consideration to attending the 45 minute Career Planning in Personal Entrepreneurship workshop offered pn March 29th at 7 PM. 

Too often we focus on our resume, or our interview skills or even our LinkedIn Profile before we take the time to truly understand our personal brand, our personal value proposition and the opportunity where you are most likely to excel.

The link for the 45 minute workshop is here: 


And the one for the 6 hour workshop is here:


Check out the 45 minute one and if you want to learn more, you can go for the 6 hour workshop.  

Both are completely free and we will provide you with all of the required resources. 

Hope to see you in the workshop.

Mike C. 

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